SET Amps and Maggies

are there any SET amps that can run my maggie 12s?
What is your price range for a SET amp?

I don't think you are going to find many SET amps that do well with 4 ohm/86dB speakers at any price range except the $5k and up. Even then, that's not a SET strong point.

Unless you listen to a lot of folk, a cappella, chamber music, etc. Still, it would probably take one of the high power SETs to make things work.

If you want tubes that will work well, look at push-pull designs.
Agree with Darkmoebius but your room size is also a 100% factor in this setup. I had the 12's in my bedroom 20 x 20 and found the maggies easily clipping my 200 wpc Mcintosh amp. The 240 watt classe cap151 didnt fare any better, however when I brought the speakers in my 12 x 10 office they sang with a 30 watt integrated tube amp.
Can't beat Velo62's first hand experience for advice.

Might be worth looking into some of the new tube/mosfet hybrid amps which could deliver the the power and grip of solid state with with the spatial and tonal goodness of tubes.

Moscode 401HR would be at the top of my list. 200wpc@8 ohms, 300+wpc@4 ohms. It's getting great reviews in the press and several locals here and on Audiocircle have dropped their monster solid state amps(Bryston 4B-SST, McCormack DNA 500, BAT VK-600SE, Dodd 120, etc) for it. Tvad here on Audiogon has them.

Also, the check out the Butler 2250's or Van Alstine 550.