SET amps with cajones and finesse

I am considering trying out an SET amp(s) for my Talon Raven speakers. They are 90db efficient and my current 150 watt ss amp is more than enough to drive them to deafening levels. Any suggestions for SET amps to perhaps add some soul without losing the swagger? I have been advised that ample power supply is the key. Thanks MM
For 90db efficient speakers you definitely need a SET with highr output than 1-5 watts. Those tiny SET's are better suited to Klipshorn's or Avantgarde's with 100db+ efficiency.

Now getting finesse out of a 40watt SET is something different. Good reviews of Cary products & Atmasphere, but nothing is cheap where you're going.

I use a Dared VP-845 SET easily driving Thiel 1.6 (90db). I have owned two of these amps and their 20-23 watts produce great finesse (and wonderful music). I can't recommend them strongly enough. (I have no interest in this Chines company).Good luck.
I don't mind being the lone argument; against.---A 25 wt. set will give you magical midrange.---Just expect zero slam for rock music. Your cross over and impedence are why.--I'm driving Montana eps at 92 sen.--- with the Sophia Princess 845. My impedence drops to 4ohm. Thank God it isn't the only amp I own. So if you are used to powerful push pull triode or solid state you'll hear what I'm talking about. If you buy one; buy other speakers. Don't sell that SS amp;you'll miss it.