SET Lovers, what's the one solid state amp you love(d)?

I'm thinking of trying out a solid state amp in place of my 300B SET, which is giving me some problems again and the builder is swamped so it's going to be awhile.

Suggestions? Speakers are 96dB 12" 2-way bass reflex studio monitors from a Japanese recording studio.


Once you experience  Power and  Finesse at the same moment,  one can understand that Class D is the future......combine the best of SS and the Tube world and's a great find.

PS.  Mine is the Aavik U-150 integrated w/ world class DAC and MC Phono stage.  Beautiful !

@atmasphere.  Are there any class D boards you could recommend for DIY builders?  I don't expect it to be as good as yours.  

Ralph, I was recommending your GaN amp elsewhere on this site, but his speakers do drop below 4 Ohms I think in the upper bass range, but there are no specs I can find for your amp if it’s stable down to 2 Ohms and what the power output would be (same for AGD amps BTW).  Could you maybe elaborate on that a bit here?

@soix @hedwigstheme 

A simple drop below 4 Ohms should not bother any class D amp made. 

Our class D will drive 1 Ohm. The protection circuit will simply kick in if the current is too high for the amp. FWIW, a 1 Ohm load isn't practical for any real-world speaker (although you do see impedances like that in the upper octave of some ESLs, which is not a problem). The reason is that at that impedance, the speaker cable becomes an enormous problem in terms of source impedance! This will severely limit the length of the cable and for that matter, decent cable choices available. All amplifiers made will also have higher distortion driving such a load. That distortion will be audible as less detailed and likely harsher sound since the distortion will obscure low level detail and add higher ordered harmonics which are perceived as harshness.

IOW, you can, but why??