SET Shootout China VS The USA

2A3 SET from china arrives any day now.

The tech who loaned me his UX250 (aka 50 Tube) amp, with a  12AU7 in front + a  6BH7 (??) , has incredible pure Cobalt out trans. ($1k+ each back in 2000, now no longer in production). . he will help me set up the  2A3. 

Has a  AX+AU my 2 fav front tubes anda   quad of 2A3's. 

My speakers are pure neutrality, no coloration, no distortion,. 

So whatever amp/ source you plug in, will register the nuances inherent in the circuit.

Will be very interesting. 

USA has pure cobalt out trans which gives the edge in power, but the china 2A3 has a 2 tubes per channel.

Gonna be interesting and will post a  YT upload with comments,


Hand on to your horses at the OK Corral. 

Grab a  beer at the saloon, 

sundown shootout at the edge of town. 



@mozartfan which flavor of ice cream does your tech tell you to eat? The 300b in the right circuit, just like the 2a3, can be exceptional…but not all of them. Full range drivers can sound exceptional…but not all of them. This is from a happy 300b, full range single driver speaker owner. Its just not my only system.

My tech urges me to avoid the 300B in any part of a design, (845 w 300B as driver). He has no issues with the 2A3.

Then again there are fans of the 300B that love their pure linear SET soundstage. My tech mentioned the 300B original intent for the tube was telecom usage. Meaning fq cut off in both ends of the band width spectrum. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I have no doubt that you have a very competent and experienced tech who has earned your trust and admiration.  As you know opinions abound in the audio world. Everyone likes something and dislikes something else. 300b is no exception to this.

There are so many different 300b amplifier choices from multiple builders at prices ranging from 500.00 to 100,000.00. There are easily a dozen different 300b tube choices to place in an amplifier. I would very  kindly encourage you find an opportunity to hear a good quality 300b amplifier and decide for yourself.  

We all hear differently and certainly possess varying preferences and desires. My 300b SET mono blocks provide sublime sound quality.  Sometimes generalizations can be too broad brushed. In my opinion you can't go wrong with either the 2A3 or 300b (Or 845, 211, 45 etc.). Builder /designer talent and successful execution are the major determinants of component sound quality. 



I visited your audio system page. Very nice!  I bet it sounds marvelous. 



My preference for the 2A3 SET has more to do with horns/lowthers . In my experiences, these “shouty” type sensitive speakers can often be too bright and harsh. The 2A3 seems a bit more unforgiving, albeit with less drive too. 
On cans, they both show their strong points. the 300B sounds faster with more drive, the 2A3 is less energetic with more mid bloom..  

for years I tried to scale out the SET sound of these tubes, to achieve their sound on a more conventional speaker/setup. They are magical indeed..  it’s their simplicity that makes them so special.