SET Shootout China VS The USA

2A3 SET from china arrives any day now.

The tech who loaned me his UX250 (aka 50 Tube) amp, with a  12AU7 in front + a  6BH7 (??) , has incredible pure Cobalt out trans. ($1k+ each back in 2000, now no longer in production). . he will help me set up the  2A3. 

Has a  AX+AU my 2 fav front tubes anda   quad of 2A3's. 

My speakers are pure neutrality, no coloration, no distortion,. 

So whatever amp/ source you plug in, will register the nuances inherent in the circuit.

Will be very interesting. 

USA has pure cobalt out trans which gives the edge in power, but the china 2A3 has a 2 tubes per channel.

Gonna be interesting and will post a  YT upload with comments,


Hand on to your horses at the OK Corral. 

Grab a  beer at the saloon, 

sundown shootout at the edge of town. 



my fav pre tubes are AX, AU, but honestly thats not based on exp, as i’ve not heard a 6SN7 series type pre tubes. I have no idea how they perform.

Once you hear what they do there’s no going back. If your SETs don't use 6SN7s there's a whole better world out there...

I agree with Atmasphere--most tube amps, both single-ended or pushpull, benefit from driver tubes with more oomph than the 12AX7 or 12AU7, which often means a 6SN7.  

By the way, Atmasphere is being quite diplomatic by not mentioning the type of amp he manufactures and sells, which are output transformerless (OTL) amps.  If you think your  full-range driver system sounds incredibly alive and vibrant with your typical single-ended triode amp, wait till you hear it with a good OTL amp.


 We had the same system here in the US but it ended in 1865.


Once you hear what they do there’s no going back. If your SETs don’t use 6SN7s there’s a whole better world out there...

Better still stay away from the N7’s madding crowd and stock up on some 7193’s while they are still affordable. No contest IMHO. Kinda cute too - if you're into Mickey Mouse.....,.

@mozartfan if your tech is real hair shirt get him looking at DHT drivers for you amps.....transformer coupling. Enough to keep the OCD going for decades.....