Set up for Vandy 2CE sigs

Have been very interested in the Vandersteen line. I've tried for days to get a pair of 1C's to sound good in my room, either with the manual, or by ear, but can't quite get it right. Am not hearing the ''laid back'' natural sound I was expecting.
I can try the 2CE sigs this weekend, so would appreciate any opinions on the main sonic and set up differences between the 1's and 2's.

FYI, my room is 14 x 14 x 7, square, but dedicated, and using Sim Celeste pre and power.

Thanks folks,

The Vandersteen owners manual has pretty straight foward speaker positioning directions. Follow them carefully. Speakers need to be located away from rear and side walls a good distance, it takes a little time to find the perfect spot. They should also be used in conjunction with Sound Anchor or Vandersteen bases and tilted to insure the tweeter axis is pointed to your ears.

I hate to say it but it may your room that is the big problem. You may need to consider creating a near field listen position (speakers close to your chair), extensive room treatments to tame the nasties, or relocate your system to another room. Good luck.
Thanks Rjones, I'm afraid you may be right about the room....square is not good, I know. Only room I can use at present tho. I set the 1C's up diagonally, used the manual, and the bases are on the speakers. Just couldn't seem to lock it down. The nearfield option may be the only one open to me. My present speakers are a mid sized monitor, and didn't present near as much sonic trouble as the larger Vandy.

Hi, I had the 1C's a few years ago. I could not get them to lock-in either. I tryed everything. I'm not a big fan of Vandersteen speakers (1C' and 2CE's) they aren't real clear sounding (kinda veiled) and harder to drive for tube int. amps. I also had trouble getting the Meadowlark Kestrel to sound right.
Good luck,