SET vs Push-Pull (Line Magnetic vs Primaluna)

I have a Primaluna Dialogue Premium (non-HP) driving my Acoustic Zen Crescendo II loudspeakers.  It's a push-pull Class AB design.  
I am intrigued by the possibility of trying a Class A SET design.
Has anybody tried a Line Magnetic Class A SET amplifier with these speakers?
If so, what are your impressions?
Where can Line Magnetic amps be demoed or bought in Southern California (San Diego area)?
Thanks for your responses.

I find theorising about about amp-speaker pairings to be a fairly futile excercise.
Science can often give you a good idea of what to expect but there's a lot to be said for the empirical method.

In the case of the OP, the room is the big variable. If its a smaller room a 50 watt SET might work, although it will be unable to show off the bandwidth of the speakers (where a 7 watt unit could...).  If a bigger room with nice carpets and the like the SET will be pushed past its 20-25% rule of thumb limit and/or may well just fall right flat on its face.

(In order to find out a fair bit of $$$$ might have to flushed down the loo; if you can arrange for an audition prior to purchase!)

Many people push SETs past this 20% rule; that is where the idea that SETs have such great dynamics comes from; the 'dynamics' is actually distortion although the amplifier isn't being overloaded.

No question an audition is the ideal scenario if it can be arranged.  As I wrote earlier the demonstration rooms at the Venetian Hotel were pretty good size and with probably 10 or 11 foot ceiling height.  The 50 watt PSET amplifiers -Crescendo speaker  filled the space with beautiful sound. So certainly a viable possibility. 
Thank you for all your responses!
The feedback from the community is quite helpful. 
I thought I would provide more detail about my listening environment.  The room measures 20x24x9.  The 24 dimension is because the room is open to a staircase and a hallway.  The listening area is more like 20x16.  The speakers are about 9’ apart, and my listening position is about 9-10 feet from each speaker.
My average listening level, measured  at the listening position with a decibel app on the iPhone, measures 70-75 dB, with peaks rarely above low 90s.
I agree that the best way to make the decision would be to arrange an in-home demo.  This may not be possible, so I might have to take a trip to the nearest dealer (2hrs away) and make a leap of faith.
In the mean time I’ll probably change the output tubes in my PL from EL34 to KT150, just to see how that sounds.
Thanks again!!
You’re not doing bad with your PL upgrading your power tubes. Start with KT-88’s. Psvane or even Gold Lion tubes are fabulous. 
At your typical listening levels of  70-75 db at your listing distance you are not even using 1 watt of power, just fractions of a watt. Your listening levels are very comfortable and satisfying for most anyone not suffering with a hearing deficit. I hope you get the chance to hear the Line Magnetic 805 output tube based amplifiers and compare to your push pull PL amplifier.