SET vs Push-Pull (Line Magnetic vs Primaluna)

I have a Primaluna Dialogue Premium (non-HP) driving my Acoustic Zen Crescendo II loudspeakers.  It's a push-pull Class AB design.  
I am intrigued by the possibility of trying a Class A SET design.
Has anybody tried a Line Magnetic Class A SET amplifier with these speakers?
If so, what are your impressions?
Where can Line Magnetic amps be demoed or bought in Southern California (San Diego area)?
Thanks for your responses.

If you were looking to get closer to SET sound, move to KT will be move in somewhat opposite direction, imo. I prefer the  EL34 house sound to KT 88 in my PL Dialogue Four. KT presents as more precise sound, less euphonic. PL amps are in modern sound class of PP, KT put it over the edge in my system. With change to KT I'd expect you'll get better bass control and extension, greater treble extension, but you'll lose a bit of the EL34 mid range magic.
I don't know which EL34 you're using, but the best I've heard are 1990-early 2000's Svetlana and/or SED. I presently use  SED Black Sable (early 2000's, cryo'd and closely matched limited production), really not that far off SET sound with these tubes. Present production Svetlana is not the same tube as these, ones I'm talking about are now sold as vintage.
Still, do try the KT, although I'd suggest the KT77, seems many prefer the lower powered KT's as best sounding.

You could give Mike Rose @ Excel Audio on Newport Beach a call, where he carries the Line Magnetic line, and he may have some ideas, but it is a bit of a drive.
I did some more listening this afternoon with the decibel app on my iPhone.
I find that when I am listening at what I would consider a fairly loud listening level, it’s reading average levels around 80-85 dB, with peaks around 90.
this is measured at around 3 meters from the speakers.
Newport Beach is closer (and cooler) than Palm Desert, so I might make a run up there (Excel Audio).
As far as I know, Hugh @ Angel City Audio is still the Melody distributor here. Prices are still fairly reasonable. I've heard the AN845 in my home as well as the M845 monos at a friends house. The 2688 preamp has also been in my room. They do need a full retube to sound best- the stock tubes stink.

re: LM, I've heard the KT 120 (which now is KT150 i believe), the basic 845, and the huge 845 amp...all on Devore speakers at two local dealers (including my former Gibbon X). Have not heard the 805 integrated. 

I've also owned the Tri 845SE integrated amplifier. It sounded best with the 845C tube. And Sophia Electric, Dehavilland, and some others I'm probably forgetting. 

Not the same gear as you but here’s what I can share. I started with Line Magnetic 218iA (22 watt SET) powering my Opera Consonance M15-20 Anniversary horn speakers (8ohm, 98dB). I mainly listen to classic jazz and blues and I LOVED this setup. Wanting to compare more power and push-pull vs less power/SET, I swapped out the LM for an Audio Research VSi-75 (75 watt push-pull). After several months playing through all my albums and lots of digital material via my Aurender, I had to go back to the LM 218iA. The main positive of the AR was that it was slightly quieter in the blank spots on phono records. But otherwise, my music just sounded better with the LM: more nuanced, immediate, intimate, real. When I explained this to my dealer afterwards (I went rogue on the AR purchase and didn't tell him), he said "Yep, I could have saved you the money, but better that you heard for yourself unbiased by my opinion".