Setting antiskate on a Pro-ject arm

I just got back into analog with an entry level Music Hall turntable and am enjoying it tremendously. I recently changed the cartridge to a Shure M97xe which has a significantly lower optimal VTF than the cartridge which it replaced. (1.25g vs 1.70g) I am assuming that I need to reduce the antiskate also. Is this correct? On the pro-ject tonearm there is a little stub near the pivot point with 3 notches. The manual says to place the antiskate weight/thread on the middle notch. Assuming that I'm correct in needing to lower the antiskate, which notch is the lower value - the one closer or further from the pivot point? I figured it's the closer notch but to be honest I listened with the antiskate on all 3 notches and I can't really hear a difference. I don't want to damage my records over the long haul so I thought I should set it right even if I can't hear a difference.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Thanks Narrod. I'll listen for the innergroove distortion and adjust accordingly. Am I right in assuming the notch closer to the pivot is the lower antiskate setting?

Narrods advise is okay. The sure fire way to find out is by placing the arm about half way over the record and then allow the needle to drop onto the record (use the cuing lever). It should drop straight down. If it drifts either way the anti skating is not correct. A little drift back ie 1 mm. is acceptable and desirable. Narrod is correct that innergroove distortion is the final litmus test.

Some have advocated not using the weight at all. You might be able to get away with this but in the long run I am not so sure. Also make sure the table is PERFECTLY level !!
Vinylrowe's advice is good and I agree. I don't know the table but, logically, the notch closest to the pivot will provide less tension and, hence, lest anti-skate. However,
I may be wrong.
Thanks vinylrowe, I'll check out the "drift" and try to adjust accordingly. My understanding is that antiskate should be equal or less than the VTF so if that's the case I only have one option.

You are correct that VTF and antiskating should match up.
Easy to verify if you have a Rega table and RB 300 tonearm. Eyes and ears will work best in your case. Pretty sure you will end up on the middle notch which I believe covers the VTF range you mentioned. My Pro_Ject Experience owners manual (which is temporarly M.I.A) listed 3 measurements I.0 1.5 and 2.0 for the notches but the numbers were not in grams rather in some other form of European measurement that I never fully understood. Anyways I'm sure your up and ready by now!!