Setting up home office

After many years including 3 kids I am now returning to setting up a Soundsystem in my home office. I still have my Kef C15s from my military days so thats how long it has been since I had a sound system. 

Because of my job I spent quite an amount of time on the road and in hotels. So I got an Astell and Kern SP2000. Now that I work more at home I thought I would get a nice set up in my office. I currently have a Luxman DA-250 with two monoblock Luxman M-200 Amps. I am currently using the DAP as my source. That is a future upgrade. So looking at replacing the speakers. The source will be a future upgrade.

I play a wide genre of music from Jean Michelle Jarre, to Jim Crochet, Luciano Pavarotti, John Williams to Queen and Yoyo Ma.

Looking for guidance on suitable matched speakers.

Budget would be around 3k and not be too large for a 12-14 room.




What improvements are you looking for and what speaker/sound characteristics are most important to you?

Go Roon, then your music plays from the Roon server and your desktop becomes just the controller with no impact on the sound quality.


I am looking to replace 30 year old speakers and the characteristics most important to me are to bring out the details in a recording. Like hearing the triangle in the William Tell Overture.


Take a look at my office system. It may give you some ideas. The KEF LS50 Meta in this room are up for sale. I cannot use a sub easily anymore so looking for a new speaker with more bass.

Office System | Virtual Listening Room (

That PeachTree GAN1 + LS50 Meta is pretty nice for $3K.