Setting VPI JMW 10.5i

Hi guys,

I have gotten my VPI classic almost set.
The only thing is that I am afraid to regulate the tonearm.
I have Mint LP for the best Tractor and the KAB strobe disk as jig to properly set the TT.
It looks really delicate with that sharp niddle stickin up and I am afraid with the pick up on to regulate azimuth and adjust the weight because the tonearm wabbles in every direction.
Is there any step by step description on how to set this Tonearm? The manual is a bit poor in this sense.

Thank you very much.
Yeah it's a uni-pivot.Just do what is suggested before don't be afraid of the wobbles even after you get it et up.Seems disconcerting when compared to non-uni pivot but once lowered and into groove it tracks well and won't be a concern.Call VPI if it's that worrisome and they will walk you through the initial set up.
Make sure you secure the platter with some tape or an eraser or both to keep it from moving, platter must be totally blocked from any movement.
I have used masking tape to do what Hiendmuse suggests for 30 years or so and have never had stylus damage while aligning.
thank you all.

if I am not wrong Azimuth can either be set by rotating the counterweight or regulating a ring: which one is best?

Everytime I try to move the counterweight backward or forward I am afraid of ruining the niddle because the tonearm wabbles.
Lift the arm by raising the "cueing" lever, and them adjust the arm, "off" the platter!

Adjust the azimuth ring around the base of the arm only, not the counterweight!

Never adjust the arm with the stylus touching anything!

Download the 10.5i tonearm manual from the VPI site and carefully read it!