Setup Speakers Along Long Wall?

Just moved into new house and was gifted by my wife a 121/2’x23’ room with 7’-101/2’ sloping ceilings. I’ve been putting together a system, which so far consists of Technics 1200G/Hana ML, Sutherland 20/20 LPS, Audioquest interconnect/speaker cables, i7Roon Core NUC, iFi Zen Streamer and Shunata power cables and conditioner.

Unfortunately, every turntable position other than against the wall 7’ in front of speakers results in horrible cartridge bass/room interaction. Against the wall either requires 15’ speaker cables, or a balanced phono preamp and 12’ balanced interconnects.

So, here is my two part question. Better long interconnects, or speaker cables?

Second question. What downside is there to placing my listening position against the long wall? Currently, 7’ from short wall.


Just looked at your setup. Nice equipment! After looking again at the picture, I would definitely cover the window with something and after your bass traps come, take a couple of those absorbers and place them on the ceiling above the speakers. Maybe a bookshelf or two or something on the right wall? 

Did you do any calibration when you setup the Subs in the new room?

All the best.


I'll be using a covering for windows, but nice view, so will only do shades.

Absorbers over speakers and to side and front of couch will be added once speakers are in place.

Calibration  I have an Anthem pre in theater room , so have equipment but can't get calibration file for microphone from anthem.

Answer to long versus short interconnects versus speaker cables. Long interconnects are okay if you have high impedance system. Balanced helps but is a desperate measure And, you don't have a high impedance system. Consumer cables are 3x interconnect and 10x speaker cable impedance typically. This is wacko impedance but that's the market. Therefore short interconnects are always indicated in audio systems but try it yourself and you will see

Answer to long versus short wall. More important is room symmetry and acoustic insulation.  Then you mentioned the feedback due to standing wave room residence on your turntable. That is hit and miss and I'm afraid you're on your own with trial and error about that. As a beginning remedial measure I would insulate the entire wall and sides behind your speakers for a live end dead end effect.

I appreciate and will try to take the above advice in that it makes sense to me.


The balanced phono preamp that I was looking at isn't available until November, so I'm going to buy more bass traps, lower my turntable rack and see if I can keep my interconnects short.