Sexiest Pop Song Ever?

What do you think is the sexiest pop song ever (not classical, jazz etc.)? I'm a guy, so I'm pretty much scanning through the portfolio of female pop music over the last 40 years or so. I can point to some sexy Kate Bush tunes (Wuthering Heights), Joni Mitchell (take your pick), some good stuff from the female singers of Zero Seven, Carly Simon, Christine McVie, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross et. al.

For me the song that gets my testostaroni going is "Sarah" by Stevie Nicks, off the Tusk album. The opening keyboards and her angelic voice do it for me like no other. When she sings the line about "undoing the laces", well it doesn't get any sexier to me. A truly great song.

Now what's yours?
I was just listening to Mellisa Ethridge's 'Like The Way I Do' last night and thinking 'damn, that would really be sexy.....if she was singing it to a man'. :(
So that's out.

I guess I'll say either I Touch Myself by The Divinyls or Let Me Put My Love Into You by AC/DC. :)
Woman love Chris Isaak Wicked Games, they all want to be like the girl in the video(can't say I blame them).
How about Donna Summer's full version of "Love to Love you Baby"?!?!

From Wikipedia:
The title song was controversial in that it allegedly contained over 20 simulated orgasms by Summer. The actual number of "orgasms" is unclear, but the BBC estimate was 23, while Time magazine counted 22.

I do remember as a teenager that one would certainly get a rise out of me.

serge gainsbourg and jane birkin.......'je t'aime(1969)....they still will not play this on many oldies stations, even though it was #1 over most the world. nothing comes close......Jane Birkin still records good records and looks incredible.