SF Guarneri with ARC Reference 110-CD7-3 ?

Does anyone have experience with driving the Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento with Audio Research Reference 110, Reference 3, and CD7?

I currently have the ARC system and thinking about getting the Guarneri Memento.

Please feel free to comment.
They are nice monitor speakers, as are the Signums, but I would not buy Sonus Fabers in the U.S., new or used, because Sumiko, the U.S. distributor, will only provide service to the original owner. This makes it a lot harder to sell them if you buy new, and makes any used purchase foolish (buying monitor speakers used is always risky because people tend to overdrive them - buying SF monitors used would be nuts).
Try BAT 75SE or 150SE, I have my Guarneri Memento driven by 150SE and the sound was to die for. Bold, spacious, airy, focus, and lightening fast. Of course rest of my system are also very good, but I have had very good experiences with BAT 75SE/150SE pairing with Sonus Faber in the past including Amati Homage, Cremona, and Cremona Auditor.
Raquel, not quite true on your service statement. Sumiko will provide service to any owner as long as the speaker was originally purchased from an authorized dealer in the USA. You could be the 10th owner, doesn't matter, but you will need the original receipt or they will have to check the serial number. I don't agree with their policy but it's their company not mine.

Manpr6, I own Mementos. I like AR, especially their preamps. I've heard them and had a few pieces in my house. I think you will like the combo.
Onemug: I stand corrected - to get service, you have to prove that the speaker was purchased from an authorized U.S. dealer.
not sure what Raquel's motive is, but you can always source drivers from other countries easily.