SF POWER SE-w/ parts connexion upgrade??

has anybody heard these amps with chris johnsons full upgrade- point to point wires-new capacitors- new kt88's etc? I have heard that SF amps are NOT very tube sounding is this true? plan on using them to run my kharma grand ceramiques- thanks
hey i have same speakers and currently using ss amps bi-amped config however interested in trying tubes perhaps wavac or wyetech though very expensive let me know if you discover any tube amps to die for with the kharmas btw
SF POWER is that sonic frontiers or some other co. ted call me 800-900-2057 or e-mail lets compare notes and war stories we all got em

I have corresponded with a couple of folks who have done the upgrade, and they both swear by it (I believe I found them via searches on Audiogon and reviews on the asylum.. should not be too hard to locate them). Still debating whether I will...it ain't cheap.

Personally, I like the SFI sound... I think it depends on what you want from tubes... and I do not agree with the solid state comparison.
I've done this upgrade. My Line 3 and Power 2 amp. The upgrade is SO incredible sounding. Soundstage (width & depth), dynamics and detail are day and night from the original equipment. Inner-detail is scary.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Chris does a fantastic job.
My system: Siltech G5 cables, ProAc 3.8's & Wadia 270SE/27ix v.3.
Detail and dynamics abound!!!!