SGC vs Roon Nucleus

Is there a different between the Small Green Computer sonicTransporter i5 and a Roon Nucleus Plus other than $$$‽

So my Nucleus has stopped working and just got this quote from Roon.

"I am sorry to hear, that your unit has issues. We can repair it, but unfortunately, it is out of the warranty window, therefore, there will be a fee.

If we need to replace the motherboard, then the fee will be $800, for all other repairs, the fees are $199. Shipping fees are included in the quote."

So now thinking I should just throw my Nucleus away and go with the SGC. Thoughts from other members?


PS: And I am a ROON dealer 

I am currently using a SGC i9 Optical and am very happy with it. I got it almost two years ago. Andrew has been helpful with fast responses when I had some questions. 

I was previously using a DIY i7 NUC in a fanless case running Roon ROCK. This also worked well, but I wanted to give HQPlayer a try. The NUC with Roon ROCK is essentially the same as a Nucleus Plus (although I think the Nucleus Plus only has an i5). 

The two big advantages of going with the SGC are that it can run more software, and you get SGC's excellent support. With the Nucleus, you are mostly at the mercy of the Roon community forum to solve problems (although some of the members can be quite helpful). 

I run an SGC i5 into an OpticalRendu. I’m curious to know how much sonic improvement, if any, I might get by moving to one of the fancier network transports, such products from Aurender or Lumin or Grimm, etc.