Shanling CDS 100 music hall 25 or Cambridge D500SE

Hey guys, I am new to the audio world so please advize.I have a M&K 750thx select system, which some say is slightly bright, and a Rotel rsp 1066/1075rmb setup. I am looking for a good cd player to enhance my system. I was sold on the Shanling/music hallcd 25(whichever I can find cheaper), but I was told that the cambridge would auctually sound better with my system.I dont know if thats just a salesmen giving me a pitch because he sells the cambridge or if it is really true. I also was thinking about the NAD 541i. What would be the best for my system?
Hey Mattew,

I auditioned the 541i and the D500SE and preferred the NAD, which is what I have at the moment. The Cambridge didn't sound as full to me.

As for the Shanling versus the Music Hall, they are the same machine. However, in Canada the Shanling goes for about $600 Cdn, while the Music Hall goes for $1000 Cdn (a complete and utter rip off). There are a couple of internet dealers who sell the Shanling and I would recommend Kevin Allen of Harmonia Audio,, with whom I've corresponded through e-mail. He seems like a stand up guy who is interested in doing his best for customers.

All the best.

Thanks, I actually played phone tag with him today, and he said he may have one in stock if his buyer backs out.
Having owned both, the Music Hall is definitely a much better player. The resolution, detail, and refinement make it sound like a $1250 machine.

That being said, in a bright system, I feel I would prefer the Cambridge's darker, richer sound. However, I would still buy the Music Hall, address what was causing the brightness, and wind up with a much better system.

And, Max, I also auditioned the Cambridge D500SE against the NAD 541, and let my wife make the choice. It was that clear, the Cambridge was simply better. That being said, when I got my player home, as you stated, it was not full. It needed about 50 hours to run-in. Up until that, it was quite constricted at both frequency extremes, harsh, and PRAT was just not right. But, once the Cambridge breaks in, I consider it to have the best lower frequencies and impact of any below $500.

Note: I ended up going through 3 Cambridge players, and cannot recommend the model due to my track record with it. My Music Hall has given me no trouble at all over the 1+ year I have owned it.
I have the RSP-1066 matched with the NAD 541i. The results were satisfying musical experience. It sounds far more expensive that what they are. I bought the NAD 541i at Brett Interiors of Tucson (520-733-9896). It is a runaway bargain for resolution and dynamics. I simply love it.