Shanling CDT-100 Great or Bad ?

I have seen a lot of Shanling CDT-100 CD player in used market recently, and wondering why. Does it sound as it looks? Your experience/comment on this CD player is appreciated.

Thanks, -TT
i agree . what a deal for cd playback. i have both models. it even allows you to run the cd player right in to the amp. or if you have a non remote preamp. you can ajust the volume with the remote.
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I agree with Tvad the Sony mod 9000es signature ref
is so musical, I tried the power chord from audience
my system went to the next level,Iam very very please
with the musicality of this sony mod,consider it very
seriously,Dan is a good guy.I mean really good.Good
You're talking in absolutes, asking if it's "great" or "bad". That's quite a range!
Actually the Shanling is more middle of the road. But hey, it's pretty, and that's all some people care about. It looks good and impresses people who haven't heard the really good stuff.
And what would be the good stuff?

I suppose since a lot of what I read about the Shanling often refers to the Parts Connection modded unit that perhaps your middle of the road comment(needing some help to reach higher) might be right on.....