Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good

It rarely happens to me, but in a pile of records I bought over the summer I

found one with no cover. Shocking Blue’s 2nd album. 'At Home' (I’m your Venus is on it).

Even most Beatles albums have at least one song I could pass on, but not this one. Horrible fidelity, scratched to hell, but damn...

So I’d love to hear of other records that you all could suggest.



Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good.

Okay. As usual, this has turned into answering the question


FWIW. I own and listen to many of these albums that have been posted. I know that some of these albums have filler songs. Yes, they are excellent albums. But they don't fit the criterion of the OP original question.

OTOH it is interesting to see what others believe is good music. I'm always interested in new music. But too often it is a soulless & mechanical due to all the computers and processors used and often needed because the artists today only need to look god and have stage Charisma. Auto Tune will take care of the poor vocal abilities. Thats just the beginning.

As for newer music that I like which has little or no fillers

  • Layla Zoe - Breaking Free & Live Spirrit of 66
  • Within temptation - Black Synpkony
  • Beth Hart & Joe Bonamasa - Live
  • Toronzo Cannon - The Chicago way - Preacher, Politician Or the Pimp
  • Sass Jordan - Racine - &   Rats
  • ZZ Top  - Most all of them




It took me a while to think about  but Bookends by Simon and Garfunkel  does not have one track on it that I do not like.

How about some more recent albums, and from the underrepresented Americana bin:


Sarah Jarosz - Undercurrent

Chris Stapleton - all 4 albums but especially Starting Over

Jason Isbell - Southeastern,


and vocal jazz;

Patricia Barber - Cafe Blue

My Aim is True- Elvis Costello

Pretenders-The Pretenders

Born to Run -Springsteen

Bob Seger -Night Moves

TomPetty - Wildflowers

The Blue Nile -walk across the rooftops


Van Morrison-Moondance