Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good

It rarely happens to me, but in a pile of records I bought over the summer I

found one with no cover. Shocking Blue’s 2nd album. 'At Home' (I’m your Venus is on it).

Even most Beatles albums have at least one song I could pass on, but not this one. Horrible fidelity, scratched to hell, but damn...

So I’d love to hear of other records that you all could suggest.



Colter wall - songs of the plain

Bon Iver - for Emma forever ago

Joni mitchel - blue

Paul Simon - graceland (although 25th anniversary version has rehearsal gems incl Ray phiri killing it on diamonds....)

Television - marquee moon

Bill Callahan - once we were horses

Bonnie prince Billy - I see a darkness

Talking heads 77

Bob dylan desire

Gram parsons GP

Byrds - sweetheart of the rodeo

Beach Boys - pet sounds

Roberta flack first take

Lcd soundsystem sounds of silver and American dream

Kraftwer - tour de france

Ray lamontaigne trouble

Fleet foxes shore

First aid kit lions roar 

Animal collective Merriweather 

Moby - play (although played. To death)

Phosphorescent - here’s to taking it easy

Radiohead OK computer And In Rainbows

Sufjan Stevens illinois

Smog - dogs of sevotion

Miles Davis - kind of blue

All I can play and sing tap and hum too..... So many more with just one song that irritates

Crossing The Liquid Mirror - Mystic Diversions

French Kiwi Juice - FKJ

Days of Twang - De-Phazz

Cantoma - Cantoma

Simple Things - Zero 7

Illumined Blues - Steve Gold

I swear I saw Shocking Blue at the Palm Beach Pop Festival 1969, but can’t find it documented anywhere.



The Band - All the first four Albums

Santana - Caravanserai Yeah


Son and wife saw Rufus Du Sol a couple weeks ago. Didn’t get me a ticket. Gave them hell. I am older than you.

Village Green Preservation Society - The Kinks

Speak of the Devil - Chris Isaak