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Show coverage by Audiophile Junkie

We had a blast at Capital Audio Fest 2023 in Rockville, MD, 30 minutes north of Washington DC. We had a number of reviews came right before the exhibition. I think we had mostly great reviews and one iffy one. 

If you have come across our products at AXPONA 2022-2023, Florida Audio Expo 2023, Capital Audio Fest 2023, or you own them, or you demoed them! Let's share some experiences. 



I loved the sound I heard at AXPONA. Price is a bit higher than my comfort zone.

I recently purchased a pair of the Mon Acoustics Platimon VC-1 speakers and just received them 2 days ago. What I can say at this early stage is that the customer service was top notch, the packaging was excellent, and the shipping from Korea took 3 days. After unpacking and setting these up I can say that they are probably the best looking monitor speakers I have ever seen or owned. I have owned Magico A1 and A3 speakers, which were also excellent, and I find the build quality of the Platimons on par with these. I have these set up in a fairly small room ( 14 x 16) and have them only 1 foot from the back wall which sounds very good but I would prefer a bit more room. Out of the box the sound is excellent, with detailed highs and tight punchy bass. These are rated down to 45 Hz but I would think from what I hear that this is conservative. The decay of notes especially highs like cymbals are excellent. These really need some break in before I can say much more, but my initial reaction is that these should be very competitive especially at their list price which includes nice stands. I'm a happy camper!

@bubba12 Thank you for visiting us at AXPONA! Glad you liked the sound of our speakers. Aluminum cabinets and our speaker components don't come at economical cost unforunately. But we try our best to deliver the sonic experience that is more than the price we offer ;) 

@sockiojimbo Jim!! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the PlatiMon VC One speakers and we are glad we made a good impression out of the box. Packaging is one area we are constantly improving whenever we see a room to improve. Also share with others on the ball bearing experiences. Some may call it gimicky, but we would like to offer options to our customers in this audio hobby. Jun play with different materials of balls these days. He likes that different materials tune the sound differently and he finds them enjoyful depending on music genres he listens to. If you don't like them, you always have a choice not to use them :) I personally like to use them with Isoacoustic GAIA feet, instead of the spikes as my floor is concrete. Thank you for sharing your experience!