share your experiences with fuji cassette tapes here!

examples : Z, Zii, D-90, D-60, D-I, D-II, etc.
thanks for the responses guys. im looking at a really nice, NOS Fuji Zii on ebay for $10. I know that is pretty steep, but i don't know, with those black extraslim cases, i think i might give in...

Listening fatigue is mostly induced by music that wasn't recorded/laid down properly. 

For instance, my Focal Utopia headphones can tell me when the treble is too bright. I don't enjoy listening fatigue. I just enjoy solid-state components over vinyl and tubes. I will admit - sometimes my listening sessions end because of listening fatigue. (.Wav and DSD files)

My Panasonic shelf system is for subjective listening (not that accurate).
Not sure why someone who only listens to digital would even slum around in the analog forum, let alone chime in on a thread about cassettes. There is a reason why I don’t go in the home theater forum, I don’t care about that crap.

Oh and laughing out loud at a Panasonic shelf system……..