Sharing my experience with cables

Almost 40 years ago, a dealer in Montreal loaned me a pair of MIT cables. My scientific background refused the idea that cables would have any impact on electrons propagating at the seed of light.

The impact on the soud was so evident that I bought them. Since, I have tried many cables of all kinds and spent over 20 K on cable for two systems, one in Montreal and the other on the lake.

My criteria for all my components is physical:  if my arms and neck hair are raised by the music, it works for me. The other critical aspect I discovered over the years is distortion, which I think has a lot to do with crossovers. I beleive that crossovers are powerful filters whose job is to kill music.  Electrostatics are clean because they don't use such filters. But i still prefer normal drivers, , 2.5 ways because somehow the roll off frequencies are away from most of the music is. 

My latest speaker are Wilson Sophia 3, Raidho X3 and Q Concept 500 .

The Transparent speaker cables work fine with Wilson and Q Concept. For the Raidho I use  Luna Red for speakers and usb from the Aurender to the Devialet amp.

All of this just to give you context on what I a m about to say.

The cables I foud to have the most impact is the Power cable to the power amps (solid state)!  Here are my recent experiments:

Audioquest Blizzard makes the Raidhos sound dark, as if the riboon tweeter were dead !  

My most expensive cable is a DR Acoustics Red fire ultra ( 5K).  It makes  the Qconcepts too bright.   

Custom made Furutech are  much better with the Q Concepts.

I will try the DR power cable with the Raidhos next week.

They are all way better than the 5$ cords supplied with electronics. 

Finally, I have found litthe effect of cables on Aurender streamers and Dacs. This is aanother subject though.


Thank you for any suggestions. This is my first post here, so be indulgent !



So all cables sound different. How about that.


Not only that, but some cables pair up better than others with certain equipment. *GASP*

Shocking, I tell you. ;)


It’s your system and your ears, try as many cables brands that yields to ultimate synergy and joy. That’s all matters at the end of the day!

No I mean just the power cords for streamers and Dacs. Didn't hear any meanigful differences. They are all connected through power treament ( PS audio and ifi), which does make a difference ( cleaner, less distortion)


The interconnects make a difference:  more space around the instruments. I have tried a few usb cables and the Luna was the best for around 1 K.  

Over the years, have you found ways to do ABX testing -- as one more way to learn what you can and cannot discern? I have a number of different cables and the sound different to me, but I also want them to sound different.