Sharing my experience with cables

Almost 40 years ago, a dealer in Montreal loaned me a pair of MIT cables. My scientific background refused the idea that cables would have any impact on electrons propagating at the seed of light.

The impact on the soud was so evident that I bought them. Since, I have tried many cables of all kinds and spent over 20 K on cable for two systems, one in Montreal and the other on the lake.

My criteria for all my components is physical:  if my arms and neck hair are raised by the music, it works for me. The other critical aspect I discovered over the years is distortion, which I think has a lot to do with crossovers. I beleive that crossovers are powerful filters whose job is to kill music.  Electrostatics are clean because they don't use such filters. But i still prefer normal drivers, , 2.5 ways because somehow the roll off frequencies are away from most of the music is. 

My latest speaker are Wilson Sophia 3, Raidho X3 and Q Concept 500 .

The Transparent speaker cables work fine with Wilson and Q Concept. For the Raidho I use  Luna Red for speakers and usb from the Aurender to the Devialet amp.

All of this just to give you context on what I a m about to say.

The cables I foud to have the most impact is the Power cable to the power amps (solid state)!  Here are my recent experiments:

Audioquest Blizzard makes the Raidhos sound dark, as if the riboon tweeter were dead !  

My most expensive cable is a DR Acoustics Red fire ultra ( 5K).  It makes  the Qconcepts too bright.   

Custom made Furutech are  much better with the Q Concepts.

I will try the DR power cable with the Raidhos next week.

They are all way better than the 5$ cords supplied with electronics. 

Finally, I have found litthe effect of cables on Aurender streamers and Dacs. This is aanother subject though.


Thank you for any suggestions. This is my first post here, so be indulgent !



Power cords, interconnects and cables do make a big difference, one thing I have learned that new cables or used cables that have not been in use will need some time to break in, I had retired a pair of speaker cables that sounded just as good as the pair I'm using but of course I thought I would compare them again and the difference was night and day, the cables that had been out of use sounded nothing like they did before but after a few days of normal listening they sounded much better.. It's weird that what sounds good with someones gear might sound bad with your gear.If your like me sitting in the sweet spot wanting the best sound you can afford then you will have try a lot of combinations of cables, cords and interconnects but if you are happy with the way it sounds best to leave it alone and enjoy it. Instead of upgrading a preamp or power amp try different interconnects and you might be surprised how good it can sound and a lot cheaper than upgrading your preamp and less you go for the really expensive gear, and this is my thinking but most of us know if you have a high end or ultra high end system to get the most out of it you will need cabling to match that gear, basically match your cables to what your system needs, don't put high end cables on modest gear and don't put modest cables on high end gear, that is my advise to the newcomers of this hobby but for us old farts we know all that and let your ears decide what sounds the best on YOUR system and let the cabling break in but if the cable you just put in sounds better than what you have been using it should keep sounding better as it breaks but if sounds worst give it sometime of normal use then make your decision.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I really appreciate.

I want to keep you posted on the pursuit of my experiments.

I now have two high end sound systems now, over 100 K invested, of which 10 K in cables.  In Montreal I have mostly Transparent speaker and interconnects with a Simaudio amp and recently Q concept 500 speakers.   In the chalet, now our main home, I have new Raidho X3 with Devialet amp and Luna Red usb and speaker cables. 

My problem here is with power cords. Here are my findings:

The Audioquest Blizzard with the Raidhos make them sound less lively than a cheaper power cord.  The same setup with the Q concept worked fine ( I had them at the chalet for a month)

The Q concepts back in Montreal  replace Wilsons Sophia 3 . Now the sound is too bright. No distortion, but too bright nevertheless.  So I took out the DR Acoustics Red fire ( 5 K) and swapped home made Furutech heavy gauge. ( 200 $). And guess what: the balance of the speakers was back to normal. Could have more separation in instruments, but at least you can listen to the music and not the equipment.

I am not an engeneer, bus I said to myself: if the DR are more revealing, why noy try them with the Raidhos.  Well, I just did and ....   it works !!  The Raidhos are now as good as they were in the store.

In tis swap, the impact of the power cord was as big as one qurter turn in the old treble knobs. Much bigger impact than interconnects , digital and even speaker cables.

Finally, I want to point out that I went to a lot of live concerts in my life: Pink Floyd, ELP, Police, Sade etc, as weel as many symphonies in Montreal, Paris, Vienna, Milano, Carenigie hall etc.  

My criteria for any music, live or reproduced is: does it make my hair raise on my arms and the top: on my neck.

My exprience with 4 power cables fron 50 to 5000 $ made that happen in both systems.  

Conclusion: experiment with power cords. If your hair stays down, do not buy.

Have fun.

Too much to read through all the previous posts, but the one thing that has never been explained to me (satisfactorily) is if PCs make such a profound difference, and if matching is so critical, why don't Amp (and any component) manufacturers help us out by providing the best cable for 'their' products?! I am not suggesting that cables do or do not make a difference, I'm simply asking a question from a practical/logical perspective. Manufactures spend countless hours and invest countless dollars to have their product stand out from the crowd, why would they leave something as simple as a PC on the sound-quality table?!.... 

Too much to read through all the previous posts, but the one thing that has never been explained to me (satisfactorily) ....

In order to understand, you will need to read stuff. Or were you expecting one to explain this to you verbally, one-on-one?