Sharing SACDs

Does anyone share SACDs with one another, obviously for ripping?  I was just curious of the ethics.  For example, if I discovered a great SACD and you were a friend, I would want to share it with you.  You might rip it and you might not.

If you shared an SACD with me and I liked it, but not to the point where I would go out and buy it, would it be all right if I made a copy for myself just to have in my library?

I'm interested in the opinions of others.  I am far removed from any audiophiles in my town.  None that I know of and I'm at least several hours away from any high-end stereo shops.


I have a ripper on my server but when I tried to rip a cd where does the file go? I couldn't find it. I'm using roon. How do I find it?

I guess I am old school back in the days when you 

bought a album and it was yours to do as you please

i don’t feel it is right for someone to try and control something you own

these bands go out on tour and make millions of dollars on tour and still they want 

more money by telling you their album or cd you bought and paid for cannot 

be copied

It might depend on whether the title is still in print. If it's not, there is no moral dilemma of any kind that I can see, and there aren't many SACD's coming out anymore or in print.