Shark Super steamer distance while steaming record

Hi, I just replaced my garment steamer with a Shark supersteamer. It is the 1000w continuous steamer with the angled attachment. I was wonder how close Shark owners are holding the spout from their records. I had one record that had slight streak sections which were not as black as the rest of the record, due to the uncontrolled steam disbursement of the garment steamer. I cleaned the record with the Shark a few times, going a bit closer to the record each time. It wasn't until I got to about 1" away, that the streaks were removed.
I obviously don't want to ruin any records, but I don't want to waste my time by not steaming them closer enough for the best results. I have read ( I can't remember the brand of steamer) that some guys recommend 3/4" and others 4-6"

Is 1" too close? What do you do?

i will take it down to less than an inch. as already said, they can warp but heat up the inner part of the record, starting at the run-out grooves and out, and the lp will lay down beautifully.
Be careful about over-heating if you are using an RCM like VPI 16.5 to vacuum up. I ruined several records all down the radius line where the felt vacuum wand clamps down.
I use mine about 1" from the record while it is spinning on a VPI RCM. To alliviate your fears about warping the grooves on your records, steam across your open palm at different distances. You will be surprised to find it is not that hot.
for me it all depends on how cruddy the record is. i use a perfection and depending on condition from 4 to no closer than 2 inches. i haven't harmed a vinyl record using steam. i would not clean my records any other way.
Thanks for your replies,
I'm not sure if they are getting cleaner because I am moving the nozzle closer each time, or if it is because they are getting another steam clean each time? I find I sleep better at night when I am about 2" away, but I am still experimenting.

On a side note, I brought my steamer over to a friends house. He has a vpi 17 cleaner and uses vpi fluid. He brought out a record he said he cleaned 6 times front and back and left on the machine for 10 mins and was never able to get ride of some very audible pops. We listened once, then cleaned with the steamer and the same fluid, the pops were gone, he was amazed and went to Kmart for a steamer.