Shave your CDs



I was on board up until the black marker. EVERYONE knows that green is preferred. 

Mho is the device doesn't spin fast enough nor have the 'edge accuracy' to completely promote the improvement possible, markered or not.

A higher rpm and a blade carrier that would introduce a more accurate edge bevel ought to make for a proper 'match' to the pit alignment of the cd's surface.

The arm of the unit is controlled by hand manually; cueing an LP by hand is almost unheard of at this time, so why would anyone want to 'lathe' a CD in this fashion.
May as well trade in all your gear for something with the 'Flintstone' trademark...

The only caveat would be to Not spin at too high of rpm' could have an unfortunate end, as these gentlemen are more than happy to demonstrate...


(This was done by seasoned professionals...who just happened to be out to lunch at the time...).

umm, I don't know about this. I've heard of shaved ice and shaved  umm woodchuck but shaved CD's???