She loves me she loves me not!

So - as in the saying above when de-pedaling a daisy...

Speaker grills on speaker grills off.

The reasoning for my question if I keep them off inevitably I will damage them moving them around when in the garage- -forget where I put them - and bitch cause they take up space.

Thank you for the education.


Off...into ’large format’ plastic bags (or plastic sheet diy versions), placed into diy cardboard sleeves sealed shut....back of a closet works, behind ’something’ large enough to do so.

Put a post-it on the back (or bottom) of one of the units if you’re ’out of memory’ like the early versions of ’puters used to be....

We have 2 young cats that we supply a plethora of things to claw up.

Knock on wood *rapping skull*, we’ve NEVER had pet damage on ANY speaker EVER.

We employ a squirt bottle (type usually found for a couple of $, used for cleaning liquids; here, water) to discourage unwanted behaviors.

We have 0 children, but believe the same technique would work with them without getting you arrested or the kids to be sent off to strangers.

....and there’s always tasers for the older ones, or your drunk brother-in-law...

Point blank works Great. ;)

...with the water, anyway.

Tasers?  Haven't had the need.

Your results?

Will likely vary....a lot.


If the speaker port is on the front then the grills help prevent insects from crawling into the speakers.   I keep my grills on.

Sonically, I have always found speakers to be more open sounding with the speaker grills off.  If you're concerned about protecting the drivers you can always put the grills back on after a listening session.