She loves me she loves me not!

So - as in the saying above when de-pedaling a daisy...

Speaker grills on speaker grills off.

The reasoning for my question if I keep them off inevitably I will damage them moving them around when in the garage- -forget where I put them - and bitch cause they take up space.

Thank you for the education.


I hear more upper scale frequencies without grills on Elac DBR62 ... others no discernable difference.  Obvious design differences at play.

@motown-l I guess it’s true that perception is everything. I also have Revels and prefer the sound with the magnetic grills installed. I had Focal’s previously and preferred them without their grills. Go figure. 

I took my grills off and put one in each corner to use as a bass trap. I only put them back on when I have guests or my exterminator over who have probing fingers and like to touch things.

For me my Bryston Model Ts sound better with their cloths off. I put the bases and the grills in the OEM shipping boxes and stashed them in the basement. 

Additionally I really like seeing the woofers moving when the volume is cranked. It's fun to see which notes make which movements.