She's on to me

I got home from work today and my wife said "do we have new speakers or something?" "What do you mean?", I say. "Well, the stereo has been on all day and you don't usually leave it on, unless there's a reason." "No we don't have new speakers! Do they look new? I just forgot to turn it off before I left for work". However, I said nothing about the pre-amp I just bought or the cables that I was burning in. ; )

She's getting smart.
It might appear humorous for now, but eventually if your wife loses trust in you, she'll start losing respect. Once the respect goes, the love will soon follow. Be careful. I know from experience.
I bought some Nuforce amps, which I'm really happy with and it's easier if I leave them on all the time, for a couple of reasons. I didn't like leaving the TAD-150 on all of the time so I bought a SS pre that I can also leave on.

You guys took my post WAY to seriously. While my wife did ask if we had new speakers, I was joking about hiding my purchases from her. She does know we got a new pre-amp, she's not blind.

For the record, she got better grades than I did in college and makes more money than I do. She is definitely the smarter half.
When my wife graduates with her Masters degree next year, life will be good for us both.

A very decent car for her, and a pair of VAC Standard 160 Music Blocs for me !! YEAH !!!!

(maybe a couple pair of Virtual Dynamics Revelation interconnects, she's used to deliveries by Carl, our UPS driver)
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Props to the spouse for noticing the sound had changed/improved? I to get much delight in switching things about from time to time as well, just to get the same reaction...My last adventure was introducing some Stealth "Indras" into the mix. A obvious improvement in sound that stood out like a sore thumb! when asked what had changed? I simply stated "wires" with a wicked grin, her comment was good choice.