Shed some light on this please

I have 2 systems, A B&K REF20 and AV2500(5 channel 60w) for my home theater system. And in the other room I have Pass Aleph P Pre-amp, Aleph 2 amps, and an EMC-1 CD player. I bought I Black Mamba Power Cord the other day and put it on my B&K amp and it made a nice and noticeable difference. But When I put it anywhere on my Pass 2 channel system it made no difference over the SideWinder or the Mamba Cords I have already on there. Could someone please try to sort this out. Is the High End Single Ended Pass and Electrocomponent CD player less effected by differences in Power Cords? I won't think so. But I had 3 other people with me, we could beleive it. Thanks Regards, Brian
Insecure Brian??You got your own test result and people to back up your findings, Watt 'cha need us fer'? What I hear is always more important!!!
Avguygeorge is right in that you should trust your own ears. My guess at an explanation is that the Pass and Electrocompaniet equipment have much better power supplies than the B&K (as they should, given their pedigree, designers and prices), and you already had some good cables feeding them clean AC to begin with. Look at it this way, you can take the money you were going to spend on new power cords and use it to buy some music for what seems to be a really nice system!
IMHO, the power cord should have little or no effect on a piece of ger with a well designed power supply. If the power supply has a high ammount of filtering, rfi filtering and storage the power cord should have very little effect.