SHELTER - 501II CARTRIDGE on Technics 1200 Table

I have been reading very good reviews and comments regarding the Shelter 501 II cartridge.

My question is whether this cartridge would be compatible with a Technics 1200 turntable through a Jolida JD 9A phone preamp?

This, in turn, goes to a W4S preamp/amp and then Maggie 3.6 speakers.
I had the 1200 with Shelter up and running with good ancillary gear, however, my ancillary gear is not your ancillary gear. I did NOT like the 1200 with Shelter. I never figured out if I did not like the 1200 or the Shelter, but I suspect it's the TT. I went back to a Rega TT, which is more musical to my ears. The 1200, while spot-on from a speed perspective, just never sounded juicy to me. It sounded a bit dry, cold and sterile, like CDs do.
Good afternoon: I run one on mine and like it. This is after going thru a Grado Ref Platinum, Sumiko Blue Point and one other I dont recall. It replaced the Grado. It plays through a Krell KPE Reference preamp. Only mod Ive done on the turntable is the cartridge leads are SME.
I am very happy with it.
Good luck, John