Shielding components from EMI/RFI... Help please

A recent experiment with a product designed to reduce EMI/RFI left me curious about other ways to reduce EMI/RFI in my system. In the past ten days, I've stepped onto a slippery slope, at the bottom of which is surely some kind of insanity...

I've been experimenting with copper plates in an effort to absorb, deflect, diffract, and block EMI/RFI. I've tried copper plates under components, on top of components, and inside components.

This is the point where you tell me I don't know what I'm doing and I'm likely to short circuit something and/or electrocute myself. Consider me duly warned. This is also the point where you tell me to get some balanced interconnects, or at least to get some shielded interconnects for Chrissake. Consider me duly informed. Moving on...

I'm hoping you can help me make the most of this experiment, and help me avoid killing a component or myself. My strategy so far has been to:

1. Place copper plates at locations that generate a lot of EMI/RFI, e.g., components with switching mode power supplies or high frequency clocks. The system has a total of 3 SMPS and 3 clocks.

2. Place copper plates at locations that are vulnerable to EMI/RFI, e.g., under the amp, near the transformer.

3. Place copper plates inside noisy components -- in particular, my Meridian G68 preamp/processor. I've begun to build 2 partial Faraday cages, one for the SMPS, and one for the analog output stage.

4. Ground the copper plates either to the component chassis (when plates are used inside a component) or to an independent ground point (when plates are used above/below a component).

Has anyone tried this sort of thing?

Hi guys, if you need any advice regarding EMI or RFI shields, maybe to check with this guys:

As much as I can see, they have 3D models and quite wide range of shields. Hope it can help.

Try PURE Copper wall plates and they are cheap and work. 

Monarch Abode 17018 Single Switch Hand Hammered Duplex Decorative Wall Plate Switch Plate Outlet Cover, 1-Gang, Pure Copper. $22.95 on Amazon beats the audiophile crap at $200.00. 

@bryoncunningham You have a very nice clean rack of equipment. Many of us are trying to reach nirvana with our audio systems. I applaud your endeavor of re-engineering some of your components to resist EMI/RFI. Many would not bother with this. What has motivated you to re-engineer your components? Were you actually experiencing noises and higher than average noise floors? Does your system incorporate any balanced devices, or is it all unbalanced RCA?