Shindo Amp with JM Reynaud speakers?

I have Reynaud speakers - love em for the emotional portrayal of music.
I'm about to upgrade to the new Offrande - 91dB, 8 ohms nominal, min 6 ohms.
I hope to have a Shindo Aurieges L as pre-amp and a Montrachet.
Will this be a good match?
My music is all acoustic, and 90% is female vocals.
I'm guessing the full EL34 sound with Reynaud immediacy will put me in raptures.
I'd appreciate any thoughts.
My 15wpc PP Montille drives my 90 dB Devore Super Gibbons to pretty good spls. The bass may be slightly lean, but I think that's a product of my room as others have reported good results with this combo. So I expect a 40wpc PP should do just fine.
First, if I were you I'd wait for the newer Offrande Supreme coming out this month as the Signature is said to be too hifi which would explain why JMR is coming out within 18 months with a model said to "offer the best of both the traditional Offrande and the Signature model". Second, Aurieges + Montrachet should work really well but at this price point I would seriously want to at least audition an Audiomat Opera Reference, 30wpc Class A EL34 that sounds like nothing else and much more powerful. This being said, I recently had an Aurieges L on loan and I loved it.
To be frank, I'm not crazy about the EL34 or even the EL84 tubes driving Reynauds, though I should be clear this is a personal judgment. I've flirted with both of them but have come to prefer firmer and clearer sounding electronics. The best I've heard so far (alert, alert I sell the line I'm about to tout) are the Blue Circle hybrids, which use 6922 inputs tubes but solid state outputs. There are likely other amp lines around that share these amps' general approach, but I have no firsthand experience of them. What I've come to object to in these tube amps is their lack of definition, something Reynauds really love. The 6550 based Audiomat Solfege (nla) worked well, though that was with earlier Offrandes, which were somewhat more opaque than the more recent models.

The newest Offies, called Supremes, as Kanuk reports above, are somewhat warmer than the Signatures but still have the more recent Reynauds' clarity. They are warmer than Sigs but clearer than the last iteration of the speaker just before the Sigs. They are so clear that I'd be reluctant to dim them with any driver tubes. All you have to do is hear them driven by a really good and clear hybrid to understand why anything less well defined would be a crime.

Let the speaker decide what the balance of warmth and coolness, transparency and opacity is to be, not the amp. Let the speaker choose the amp.

I could go on all night here, but perhaps it makes more sense to refer you to my website (, where I make an attempt to describe the new Offies. I hope this is permissable.
I have the Twin Sigs and they mate extremely well with my H.H Scott 222D integrated amp.