Shindo + Lowther?

I am looking for a decent speaker for my Shindo Aurieges&Montille combo. Source is Garrard301.
What do you think of using Lowther in Henlund horns with Shindo?
Agree with Team that the PHY driver is a far more neural top to ottom driver than Lowther. It also extends much lower than any Lowther and you may not feel the need for a sub.
I can't comment on the PHY-Ps but a friend has Lowthers in custom cabinets powered by Coincident Frankensteins with 300Bs and it just sounds incredible. Unbelievable tonality, presence and slam for such a small driver. From my limited experience the 300Bs have more bottom end than the EL84s or 6v6 in the Montille, but I'm sure it will still sound pretty sweet.