Shindo Masseto w Koetsu .3mv output

Hoping to get opinions on whether the MC stage of a Shindo Masseto has enough gain to produce strong dynamics from a Koetsu Rosewood Sig Platinum cartridge  (.3mv output). Or would I need a SUT?


Bonus question: any opinions on whether I would get better overall sound using an Aurieges pre (newer version) w an Hommage SUT through its MM section, or by playing straight into the MC section of a Masseto? The cost of each of these setups could be close to one another on the used market. When I say better sound, my priorities are a very organic "you are there midrange", lots of instrumental textures, realistic soundstage cues, and overall emotional impact of the music.


Thanks very much for any thoughts. My table is a Sota Nova vacuum and tonearm is Jelco TK-850 10". Amps are Quicksilver v4 monoblocks.


Thanks again, everyone! I will start looking for a used Masseto. There is one in Canada that is a possibility.


The late Art Dudley was a Shindo fan, and if I remember correctly, he preferred the use of an outboard SUT vs. using the internal Lundahl transformers.  His favorite was a Hommage T1.  If you look at the end of this review, you can see his preference  Look at Listening 171.

I have tried at least one LOMC direct into a Monbrison that was .3 millivolts. The built in Lundahl had no problem with it.  I would get the best Shindo pre you can get, and ad a step up transformer when funds allow. Cartridges I have successfully used with Shindo preamps are EMT Tsd15 and Tsd 75, Charisma wood body (Denon) 103, and My Sonic Lab Hyper gold body. If your price range allows it, the current production Monbrison would be worth checking out. I agree w/ Bob’s advice as far as going with an outboard SUT. I tried about 4 or 5 with my (Ken era) Monbrison. Always preferred the sound with the outboard SUT. I tried the low & high impedance versions of the standard A23, the Silver Core, Homage T2, EMIA (Slagle), and one more very well thought of SUT I’m forgetting. So ya...Art knew what he was talking about. What preamp are you using with your Quickie V4’s.  Nice amps... I love my Shindo SET,  but sometimes I miss those KT88 V4's. 


I did not know that you had a Shindo component/system background. Very interesting. Does the Aurender house signature remind or have any sonic characteristics in common with Shindo?


I have played with outboard sets with a previous setup and the Hashimoto HM-7 based sut sounded amazing. The only thing I did not like about it is that it tended to make images very large, which for me makes the whole presentation less realistic. I know some people love big upfront images but I don't. Other than that the HM7 was clearly superior to my mc stage ... Can't even remember which photo it was.


My current preamp is a custom built David Berning all tube unit. It was originally built for Chris at Artisan Fidelity and I got hold of it a few years ago. It sounds absolutely fantastic and I'm probably an idiot for even thinking of replacing it. But I love shindo and a few years ago owned a Montrachet amplifier, which was one of the most musically compelling pieces of equipment I've ever owned. I would probably still have it except that it did not play well with my quads. The impedance was just no good for the Montrachet, and may have even damaged it if I had kept playing it! Of course I've moved on from those speakers since. So shindo has always had a great place in my heart and I know their preamps are supposed to be just wonderful. So my plan is to try one and if it does not beat the Berning, I will re-sell it. This is also one reason I need to buy used.

Yea I love my v4 amps. I run them with KT-150 tubes, even though they are the early versions, not the KT-150-optimized ones. Formerly an el-34 fan, I have been converted to the KT-150. It mates a great midrange with bigger dynamics and a bit more frequency range. And not crazy nos tube prices. I save my nos crazy for input tubes ;)