Shindo preamp with Mcintosh MC252

Anyone out there with this combo? I'm in the market for a tube preamp and I was wondering if the entry level Shindo will be a good match for the MC252?

On that note, what are some of my options in the $2000 - $2500 range? Used is fine. I love a wide, holographic soundstage. Clarity and detail are important, but I prefer a bit warmth and liquidity over neutral sounding equipment to be honest. I prefer gear that's easy to listen to for a long time, with great pace and rythm, and a huge 3D soundstage.
Why not use a McIntosh C220? They are designed to go together. Should be a perfect match. I have a friend using this combo, and he loves it.
Based on the qualities you seek I think you would be very happy with the Shindo Aurieges. If you find one used go for it, the used ones are sold pretty fast when available.Personally I`d prefer Shindo to the MAC preamp.
Good Luck,
Thanks for the responses guys,

TIs49, actually I am looking to try something else besides a McIntosh preamp.

Charles, thanks, my only worry is the high output impedance of the Shindo Aurieges, and I am wondering if it'll work well with the MC252.

I am also interested in Conrad Johnson and the Dehaviland Ultraverve, but I'm not sure if the modern CJs and the Dehaviland are more neutral and less tubey.