Shinjitsu Audio

I've been seeing ads for Shinjitsu Audio speakers lately. They sound promising with the Heil tweeters.
Does anyone have any experience they can share?
I have no experience with them but i do have ess amt 1a speakers with the large heil tweeter in them and i can say that you have to spend a hell of a lot more to get even close to the sound of the true heil tweeter.
しんじつ. (. shinjitsu. ) 【 信実 】. 信実 Kanji Details. ( adj-na, n) sincerity; honesty; truth; faithfulness.

The founder/owner and his wife presented the speakers to our group,
Arizona Audio/Video Club in early December. 

Interesting story but they were not for me. 
I had a pair of ESS Monitor speakers in the 70s. I really loved the sound of the Heil mid/tweeter. I was curious if the newer iteration sounded as good as the original.

I know this is older convo but I just placed order on one of their speakers in the midrange line.  With holiday discount and matching stand it came shy under $1600. 

These are local guys from my state of Arizona so I'll be picking them up from the speaker builder house. Hope to have a chat and get to understand his speaker and audio philosophy more.  

By the way I'm not affiliated with them just a guy who is looking for something new and unique like some of us who are tired of mass produced made in China speakers with $8 crossovers. 

Ill post pics and first impression in 1.5 month once the unit is build. 

On paper everything looks great. Quality dense cabinet , 4 inch mid bass driver and midrange horn, quality crossover and visually pleasing.  I'll chat with you all soon.  -val.