Shipping 80lb amps.

I have an offer to purchase my 80lb  Odyssey Kismet Mono's  from a buyer in Alberta ,Calgary, Ca..  Shipping from Detroit area of Mich.  

As far as insurance goes. Buyer is going to pay but who's name should it be in for a possible future claim?

Any carriers to recommend? They would just ship in original packaging ( boxes) .




An easy step that can be taken to make sure an item is not abused by the delivery person (and I agree UPS is generally the worst), is to ask the seller to ship with a signature required upon delivery. It is less convenient, but will circumvent having the item damaged or destroyed. Nothing is 100% fool-proof, but if the delivery person knows they will have to face the recipient in person, they will not be so cavalier in their treatment of the package.

Use TForce Freight (UPS Freight) - double boxed and on pallet(s). I just received (in IL) a 500lb Yamaha piano via TForce from the piano dealer (shipper) in MD in perfect condition (box and contents) - double boxed on pallet.

The dealer (shipper) noted he’d used them for many years with only one issue, which they resolved quickly. As noted (above) they use fork lifts to handle the packages and are skilled in handling freight in contrast to routine boxes (lighter weight) of the typical FedEx / UPS shipment.