Shipping a turntable with plinth from England to USA


I am considering purchasing a used Garrard turntable with a heavy plinth from a gentleman in England.  He is "throwing in" an amp to go with it.  The two packages will weigh about 75 lbs.  He has never shipped anything that weighs this much to the USA before.  He is at the beginning on his end looking into this.  

Any advice on a moderately inexpensive way to do this?

He and I have already discussing the issue of the gear being packaged safely for its trip to the USA.



75lbs for one parcel puts you in special territory. Ime UPS will thrash it. Hard. Like better be in a plywood crate. DHL might be better. Or not. If he can pack for a war then OK. If not split into three

Pay extra for split packaging and use DHL. When it comes to International shipping, DHL is the best. I have used them from China, Japan, Germany and England, two days flat to my door in Texas.

FedEx and UPS - your package is going to sit in customs for 2-4 days and then you will be ‘surprised’ by a custom & duties surcharges invoice based on declared value in the mail.

Thanks for the advice.

So, I am looking for a Garrard 301.  I might focus on a USA purchase.  So far the shipping looks pricy.  Especially for a heavy plinth.