Shipping cd player out of country

Any thoughts or experiences regarding shipping a cd player to other countries? I am thinking of Australia in particular.
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Don't do it and save yourself grief, worry and aggravation. Don't know if the 'region code' is still a concern, some players are still tied up in that fiasco. With shipping charges, insurance, duty etc. the cost to the sender could be $200 plus. If you do decide to do it, go with DHL as the carrier. I know a lot of US distributors of Asian products deal exclusively with them as the best all around carrier, not only on cost but service including claims etc.
You should be fine as long as you packing is sufficient for a shipping disaster. I sent a transport/dac combo to Taiwan 6-7 years ago with zero problems. Just do your research and pack well and get the player fully insured and you'll be fine. Good luck!
Hi Valinar,
I have purchased hifi stuff from all over and it comes into Australia with no problems. As I recall a declared value of over $1000.00 AU ( including shipping) attracts a 10% consumption tax and also goes through customs which may have an import duty. The shiiping compnies handle it all but if you go through US post it is easier but you have to do all the customs declarations etc. yourself ( whoever is recieiving it) . I presume you are aware the electrical mains supply here is 240v.