Shipping damage becoming a real issue

With several items ordered new in the last couple of months, that were delivered damaged, I wondered if the Audiogon community was seeing the same type of thing, i.e. irresponsible shipping services and more damage with the items you ship. I realize that in the future we may all have to hand deliver gear to buyers when selling or to pick up gear in person from dealers when ordering new. Any thoughts?
If it looks damaged it probably is. Anyway, I'd not take any chances and refuse it.
Nothing is safe--your carton will be thrown, gaff hooked, dropped, rolled, booted, gored--a heavy-duty outer box containing the factory carton is mandatory and should be insisted upon. A box that was new when sent arrives looking like it's 20 years old--filthy, mashed corners, torn, gouged--there is no excuse for this from a shipping service. The seller should be spending $20-50 on cartons, styrofoam and tape.
I wish someone would start a white-glove courier service, where orders are collected from a metro area and driven to another metro area. Sellers and buyers would have to converge at certain points--it would take much longer and would be expensive, but safe. Otherwise, sellers and buyers could each agree to drive 100-200 miles to meet, making regional transactions, or a long road trip would be alright for a large purchase.
Jafreeman, I had many of the same thoughts. Ultimately something will have to change. I love this hobby but its just impossible to feel good about ordering items of this expense without assurance they'll arrive safely.
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Ghanson sorry you've had those experiences with dealers and I hope they make good on any issues for you. All my transactions here have been with private parties with good results other than some dealer purchased tubes.