Shipping heavy speakers

I have had a few offers on a pair of Revel Salon1's that i've shied away from because they weigh 240 lbs each and the offers all came from 800 miles away or more. Can you guys offer me some suggestions on how to ship these speakers? They're in near showroom condition and it would be a waste to see them destroyed. Tks
I will add to my previous post to say that U ship is mostly independent shippers who are making a living by transporting goods in the US. So, unlike Fedex or UPS, the guy who picks up your speakers is probably the owner. Uship vets their shippers, so you are not just hiring a guy off the street.
Of course, make sure they are insured and have good references/feedback. And, definitely get those speakers on a pallet.
thanks all for the suggestions, when that buyer finds meI now have resources.
I used freight guard to ship Wilson Witt II's from Fl to Az. Make sure you have the crates, guts and plastic jackets (to cover the speakers with) put them on a pallet, strap them down and put shrink wrap around them as many times as you can. If the speakers are selling for say, 5,000.00 you need to insure for 10,000.00 in case only one gets damaged. You will only get 5,000.00 if that happens, so always insure speakers for twice the amount.
BUMP. appears to be a very fast data base that is fast to join and then armed with zip codes and sixe and weight of equipment can have estimates complete with shipping times in less than a minute. They offer insurance and usually at least 10 shipping companies to pick from. they might even provide a pallet on request. I got excellent service shipping the salon2's from chi to ft worth and now that I have an acct, so easy, I can log on and get estimates in minutes every time I see something I like.
don't crate them. Use plycon blanket wrap service. Have used them for large speakers and studio gear several times. works very well.