Shipping Large Amp across Canadian Border?

I am thinking of purchasing a Simaudio Amp or Mono's. As most pieces offered on this site are in the U.S I would be cross border shipping. Any input as to the associated costs and problems would be appreciated (ie: Duty, ta xes) What is the best method for shipping, Postal Service ?, or is 100 lb.s too heavy?
as i am canadian i can tell you this is a bad idea its better if you put it in the trunk drive accross the border and if the distance is to far ship the amp within the country. less problems less costly.
I bought an expensive pre that was shipped from a member in Canada, and had a heck of a time getting it through Customs. Took weeks and many phone calls.

I agree about driving. As it happens, Classe's facility in Montreal is only a 3 hour drive for me (I'm in the US), and I have driven rather than shipped when need be. If you happen to live close to the US border, I would consider this route.

My impression (based on quite a few crossings, I live less than an hour from the border) is that the Canadians are generally friendlier and more understanding at the border than are the US agents coming the other direction.
The big problem is VAT...this is what slows the process up BIG TIME! I've done lots of deals with Canadian buyers, and always, they have to have me declare a value of $100 or less and state that the item is used and not for re-sale. This is true even on a $4000.00 amp I sent to Canada. If you can drive to the US as the others have said DO IT. The other option is, if the item is comming from far away in the US have it shipped to the US city nearest you, then go get it, ie Burlington VT if your comming from Montreal, or Bellingham if you're in Vancouver.
Good Luck
Plattsburgh NY is way closer to Montreal than Burlington Vt. Have it shipped to the FedEx facility and make sure the vendor indicates "hold for pickup" on the paperwork and provides a phone # for you. Fed Ex will give you five days to go and take delivery of it. At the border, declare your purchase, pay your money and get the paper to prove it entered Canada legally or else no insurer will pay you should you have to claim on your home owner's policy. Hell of a lot quicker and cheaper than having to pay brokerage fees.