Shipping on pallets

From time to time I buy or sell a big pair of speakers or a big heavy amp that would be best shipped on a pallet. I struggle to find a shipper and don't have the means or tools to successfully strap items onto a pallet- though I do have access to pallets from time to time. Any advice on what service or the best way to accomplish this ? Or, should I just stop buying and selling heavy product? In a few years I won't be able to carry a 100 pound amp down the stairs to my listening room anyway I 'm guessing . 


You can buy all the strapping and requisite tools on Amazon. Pallets are usually available locally with a Google search.

The greatest expense is finding a shipper that will pick up a pallet from a residence and deliver to a residence, as you need a pallet jack and a movable tailgate.

The alternative is to look on UShip and find a transporter that can handle them properly. Hopefully, you have the boxes/packing materials. Just list your needs.


Always keep the box and the accompanying packaging or sell locally so it is the buyers responsibility.


Hire some kids to do the muscle work while you supervise. Plenty of YouTube videos on how to do this. TMR audio also has a video. Like said above, Amazon can deliver everything necessary to pack it securely on a pallet (straps and plastic wrapping). FedEx Freight will pick up from your garage with a lift gate truck. 

Don’t let this minor issue limit you on your music journey. 

I have never used this company and suggest you contact them for more info.  

See link for pallet delivery service

I also suggest you search on shipping company with pallets or shipping company offering pallet service.  You might need to call them.  I hope this helps.