Shipping out of country.

Has anyone shipped out of the country and had good luck?  I have a possible
buyer (Brazil) for my power cord and wonder what steps I have to take?  Is it worth it and typically what are the costs and best shipper to use? Thanks in advance. 
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the only issue I have had is many buyers not wanting the actual cost to be declared to avoid steep import taxes...makes insurance difficult to deal with...
I never ship out of the USA and wait for a US buyer. It might take a bit longer to sell sometimes, but I don't mind.
PCs and interconnects are all I’ve ever been willing to ship to other countries. As jl35 mentioned, sometimes the buyer will balk at the price declaration/insurance, BUT- that’s on them. USPS has provided the only realistic pricing, with their Flat Rate boxes and available insurance up-ticks. and
In Brazil it's very simple. They find out value and it doesn't match declared -- the item repossessed and will never reach customer.
If you're sending some small stuff like watch or CD it's fine. For components and speakers watch out.
I have used either FEDEX or DHL or USPS to ship outside of the country. Costs vary widely. The issue of import duty is not trivial. Once when returning an item to a manufacturer for repair, I had to pay for import duty - even though I stated in the shipping documents that it was made in that country and that it would be shipped back to me afterwards.
I've had nothing but success using USPS, insurred and make sure there's a tracking number.
I have shipped expensive gear to Vietnam, Norway and Germany without any problem. Also bought speakers from Singapore with delivery to my house in the U.S. in four days. 
As always, whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, know the seller or the buyer through their feedback or through direct contact. It's a big world.
OK thanks guys. The buyer does NOT have any feedback here on Agon.  As long as I get my money and I don't have to jump through hoops at the USPS it should be ok but not having feedback bothers me a little.  
i would back off unless you're salty enough to send at risk.
make sure that you get sign off on all customs declarations as agreed and done in writing.
tracking only helps you to see your item lost and never returned, but it won't say it's in customs.

As long as I get the money and ship I should be covered.  I'm not responsible afterward if it gets held up in customs.