Shipping Set of Speakers across country

I am considering purchasing a set of high end speakers but my issue is that they are located 1600 miles away from me. The dimensions are 52"x 22"x 14", each speaker, they weigh 150lbs each. How do I have them shipped to me so they arrive complete and not damaged?

Has anyone used a freight company with good results?

Any advice is appreciated.
Have them double boxed with rigid foam in between and then strapped to a pallet and shipped freight.
SWAMPWALKER nailed it ....speakers strapped onto a sturdy pallet and pay the full freight tariff to ship them ...if you want to avoid risk of handling and shipping damage. At that weight, freight may be your only option....full stop.
I shipped soundlab M2's in their crates from seattle to NJ using united van lines freight service; arrived without any issues right to my home.
Like everything, it all depends on who is doing the packing. It's one thing if a speaker manufacturer is packing the speakers with custom double boxes, and then dropping them off at the freight co. to be secured to a palet. Quite another if the freight co. is packing them--that's a roll of the dice in my experience. Does the seller have the original boxes? Double boxes?
I purchased a I purchased a complete 7 Danley sound labs speakers system and 3 jtr subwoofers. Cost me a good penny ($12k) and we actuall used PODS to ship. It was cheaper the. A freight company and very effective. Shipped from Washington to Ohio no problems and they dropped the POD right in my driveway.