Shipping to Japan? Any advice?

I have a gentleman in Japan that wants to buy my Theta Gen Va, I'm looking for help or advice on doing this. Are there tariffs, duties ect. Will the unit even work with thier voltages. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Overseas customs can be quite complex. Choose a major shipper such as FEDEX and ask to speak to their brokerage department. They will assist you with the proper paperwork, brokerage costs, etc. This will allow your shipment to enter Japan with the least amount of hassle. Your buyer will also not get any surprises that could allow the package to sit in Japanese customs waiting for a form to be filled out by the shipper.

I deal with these situations every day in shipping goods to/from the US to Canada and even with NAFTA (which serves to make for more paperwork) a customs broker is indespensible. --Lorne
Oh, one more thing .... The origin of orignal manufacture is MOST important with respect to any duties your buyer will pay. Thus, if the item was 'made in Japan' your buyer will have no duties to contend with. If not, then he/she will likely pay some import tax or duty. --Lorne