Shirley Temple Black

RIP Shirley Temple. I found your early dance routines and voice adorable and they will live as long as there are humans on earth to hear the recordings. ..and to the Southerner's who were offended that you held hands with a fellow black performer while tap dancing together - well people who think like that can fug off and anyone else who thinks like them.
I only go back to 1959, but have fond memories of her movies in reruns every Sunday morning even back then on UHF out of Philly, channel 17 or 48 I believe.

Definitely an American icon!
An Icon, absolutely, I grew up watching her movies every Sunday morning on Detroit TV in the 1960s. Yep loved her with Bill(Bojankles) Robinson.
Just caught the news. Another Baby Boomer chapter closing. Sigh. Me too Mapman -- I'm a Philly boy too and I also remember UHF channels 17, 29 and 48. That's why I love our hobby. It takes me back to earlier times -- life was sooo much slower then.
I grew a few hours outside of Detroit in Canada. I too grew up watching Shirley Temple at 11:30 every Sunday morning.