Shocked removed spikes, used blue tack, what other non spike footer

My floor standing speakers, monitor stands always came with spikes so I used them always, it's the way they were designed at least I thought. I know everyone can't do this because of there floor type, mine is hardwood over concrete slab. Bass, more natural tone( I'm a tone junkie)  gives the music a nice rhythm, may just be flavor of month but I'm really enjoying it. Highs maybe little rolled off, I just did it yesterday, maybe not as hifi, but no lose of information. Have other people experienced this.Can someone with my floor type suggest a nice reasonable priced non spiked footer, these are floorstander filled with shot so pretty heavy,maybe 70- 80 lb. thanks

if you read Jim Smith's book or watch the video, he doesn't like spikes. He says they lean the speaker out. 
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I have carpet and underlay over a timber floor and for many years had my speakers on quite large spikes to cut through to the timber.

I though it sounded ok but when I bought new speakers last year the speaker manufacturer recommended I decouple the speakers from the floor by placing a slab of granite on top of the carpet and the speakers on the slabs. I had never realised how bad the bass had been or how much it had muddied the midrange.

It’s really easy to try. I initially just used a large clay paver from the garden and the improvement was instant.  Granite does look better. Two of my audio buddies were equally impressed and have done the same with similar results.
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@cheeg, a friend of ours has a pair of beautiful Eltax Symphony floorstanding loudspeakers (part of a 5:1 system) stood on a double (?) layer of carpet. 

Of course we tut-tutted and muttered a few comments about what the reviewers would say about speakers that wobbled when touched. But guess what? They sounded good, far better than you'd guess by just looking.

Later on another friend stood his floor standing Kef 55s on two slate tiles, no spikes. He's convinced that that they sound better, and I am too. Just a touch more organic and less harsh.

Perhaps they a touch less sharp and precise, but the trade off is worth it for a more relaxing listening experience.